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As network speed and bandwidth demands rise, we are here to ensure your business has the best possible growth plan available. Our bandwidth infrastructure solutions are ideal for businesses that need to solve connectivity challenges quickly, securely and economically — all while gaining full control of their networks.

Dark Fiber

Providing dark fiber connectivity is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about leveraging the power of dark fiber to create value. As the demand for capacity increases, dark fiber is becoming more attractive to bandwidth-intensive businesses. Investing in dark fiber services gives users an advantage to execute on their business strategy in the global race for data capacity. It offers an efficient, cost-effective and scalable solution, providing secure and unlimited data capacity at a fixed price.

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It is imperative that both carriers and enterprises leverage dark fiber connectivity in order to build an efficient and cost-effective optical transport network. Our world is becoming more connected each day and the demand for scalable bandwidth continues to grow. SummitIG is committed to providing connectivity to meet users’ specific requirements. Our dark fiber network is scalable and grows with the customer’s requirements so data can be moved from location to location with reliability. It is important for an organization to have the peace of mind that their network infrastructure is robust and secure.

A network cannot function successfully without reliable connectivity and performance – our network is proven and growing, connecting nearly 118 data centers with over 900 miles of premier infrastructure. We pride ourselves on offering agility and innovation with 24x7x365 support from a staff that is invested in your success. We have the adaptability and knowledge to serve a variety of customer segments, including carriers, content providers, cloud platforms, data center operators, large enterprises and government agencies. The flexibility we provide our customers enables control of their network infrastructure throughout northern Virginia, an area that is widely recognized as the world’s largest data center and connectivity hub. With SummitIG, expanding businesses and carriers can effectively serve their customers and scale their networks.

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Metro X-Connect

Over 14 million square feet of operational data center space resides in northern Virginia. Our dense and distributed dark fiber network links the key data centers in this essential market. Using Metro X-Connect, carriers, content companies and enterprises can easily and economically cross connect between facilities, eliminating expensive metro hardware and lit transport costs.

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Our fiber connectivity between northern Virginia data centers behaves as extended cross-connects, moving data connectivity between facilities in a secure and reliable manner.

SummitIG Metro X-Connect services are fast, easy and a disruptive architecture, allowing customers to grow and completely control their data center connectivity and network infrastructure needs. Our network connects to all the relevant data centers within the market, providing full accessibility to colocation facilities, key interconnection points and cloud providers.

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Data Center and Cloud Connectivity Solutions

Our dense dark fiber footprint connects to data center environments and cloud platforms that businesses require. Data center operators are looking to offer more value to their customers by not only providing space and power, but also connectivity beyond their facilities. SummitIG connects infrastructure at any point of need – from facilities managed by data center operators and cloud providers to proprietary data centers operated by large enterprises, to metro and long-haul carrier interconnection PoPs.

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Data is at the heart of every enterprise and end-user, whether your applications are processing or storing data, accessing  latency-sensitive business information, or consuming content. Of course, that information is only as useful as its ability to reach its destination. If carriers and enterprises can’t easily access and leverage their data, the cloud is effectively inaccessible.

SummitIG’s network infrastructure is the ultimate connector of facilities and offerings throughout northern Virginia, especially Data Center Alley in Loudoun County – the epicenter of the Internet and largest concentration of data centers in the world. With hundreds of miles of 100% underground, multiple high count fiber cables, our network connects the region and delivers the shortest, most direct route across northern Virginia and to the Richmond area. SummitIG’s footprint connects to 118 On-Net buildings and over 14 million square feet of operational data center space.

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Custom Network Infrastructure

Our growing fiber network consists of unique routes and dense data center connections, but our offerings do not stop there. You can leverage our existing footprint and our construction expertise to develop a highly efficient, purpose-built network. Our professional services team will work closely with your business to perfectly tailor your network infrastructure. Connect with us to extend your reach to existing buildings, new buildings and carrier PoPs – all while leveraging our network to meet your current and future bandwidth needs.

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No one understands your business like you do: you know how fast your bandwidth needs are growing and which tools you require to keep your users and customers happy. We will work closely alongside your team to design and build your dark fiber network in the most strategic way possible. Our experts are trained to analyze current fiber routes and leverage our current offerings while designing new routes to build a network that will work for you for years to come. Take comfort knowing our dark fiber infrastructure is unique, dense, distributed and growing.

Do not settle for standard offerings from the traditional providers, customize your network. The best solution to meet your growing business demands is a purpose-built network from SummitIG.

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Business Applications

Check out how you can utilize our network infrastructure.


Leverage our fiber infrastructure to handle compute-intensive applications and cloud resources.

 Private Cloud

Need top-notch data security? Leverage the cloud securely with our data center facilities.

 Private Network

Keep your company’s data secure with dedicated and customizable dark fiber infrastructure.


Our network connects over 14 million square feet of data center space ready to store and process your data.

 Mission Critical Applications

Rely on our secure, high-capacity dark fiber to handle your company’s most vital tasks.

Mobile Backhaul

Our fiber infrastructure allows mobile carriers to transmit customers’ mobile data quickly, efficiently and securely.

Disaster Recovery

Do not let downtime interrupt your business. Rest easy with protected network infrastructure.

Big Data

Our dark fiber has the capacity to handle an ever-growing amount of business data.

 Business Intelligence

Data is only useful when analyzed. We design networks optimized for data analytics.

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